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Booking in advance required:
971 33 92 64


Las Dalias and Groovy Beach Tour
10:00 E-Bike pickup
11:00 Las Dalias Hippy Market arrival
14:30 Lunch Restaurant Es Figueral
16:00 Es Figueral Beach
18:00 Cocktail Pou des Lleó
Back to Santa Eulalia
Price: 60€ p.p.

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After collecting the e-bikes from Klever Mobility we´ll hit the road towards Las Dalias Hippy marke and into Santa Eulalia´s surrounding countryside. We expect a tour with some minor up and down hills where houses and vegetation merge together giving a sense of tranquility rarely interrupted by traffic.
The market of Las Dalias is world famous and full of interesting products both handmade and imported from the most unimaginable places of the world.

After doing some shopping we´ll head to the restaurant Es Figueral at the entrance of the beach of the same name and where we will enjoy high quality Italian cuisine.

A nap on the beach is almost mandatory and healthy after a good meal. When we all agree we can go to Cala Pou des Lleó to drink a refreshing cocktail in the beach bar. Bring the dancing flip flops since a dj is playing nice housy music for al visitors to enjoy the sunset.


Cala Llonga and Beach Volleyball
10:00 E-Bike pickup
11:00 Cala Llonga arrival
14:30 Lunch Chiringuito Toni
18:30 Cocktail at Amante
Back to Santa Eulalia
(Volleyball from 11 to 14 and 16 to 19 hours
Price: 60€ p.p.


We´ll go behind the hills south of Santa Eulalia through the town of Siesta and up a narrow road with very little traffic. After a steep descent we´ll reach the village of Cala Llonga and the beach.

Depending on the level, we´ll play or learn beach volleyball in front of Toni´s beach bar, a snack bar that offers a variety of light dishes served at tables directly on the sand of the beach. This will be our place to eat and refresh ourselves.

Amante Beach Club is located a few kilometers along a hill with spectacular views from its cliff.


Ibiza Downtown
10:00 E-Bike pickup
12:00 Ibiza
14:30 Lunch at restaurant of choice
16:00 Talamanca Beach
18:30 Back to Santa Eulalia
Price: 60€ p.p.


It is the longest tour but full of intense emotions.
On the way to Ibiza we´ll use the main road, which has a shoulder wide enough to feel safe, and also part of the old road to Ibiza. However we must be careful since the 16 kilometers of the route is normally quite busy.

The walk through the old part of Ibiza is full of attractions. The hippy athmosphere of yesteryear can still be felt in its streets, and the view from the castle´s vantage point provide tranquility and peace of mind and body.

After pedaling around the harbor and marina we´ll arrive at the restaurant El Barco right on the beach of Talamanca. A few hours resting the food and enjoying the beach are mandatory before we take our journey towards Cala de S’estanyol for a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar. Beautiful place to enjoy the last part of the evening.

The return to Santa Eulalia will take place by night and therefore we ask you for extreme care riding back the last 12 km.


Cala Boix and Hippy Market Punta Arabí
10:00 E-Bike pickup
10:30 Punta Arabí arrival
14:30 Parting to Cala Boix
15:00 Lunch Restaurant Cala Boix
16:00 Back to Beach
19:30 Cocktail at Babylon Beach Bar
Back to Santa Eulalia
Price: 60€ p.p.

CIMG2874 Babylon 3

The road to Punta Arabi Hippy market is short and flat.
The market is big with many stalls with local products, handmade interesting articles and clothing or imported from countries far away.

Reaching Cala Boix will take dodging coves and cliffs along paths and roads with very little traffic. In Cala Boix Reastaurant we expect to eat a great paella cooked as it should be.

After a few hours in the beautiful cove of Cala Boix we´ll return to Santa Eulalia, but without forgetting to stop at the Babylon Beach Bar, really near our final destination, where we can dance to the music of the dj while sipping a natural cocktail from its large offer.

Tour Conditions
● Lunch not included.
● Cocktail not included.
● Tour guide and bikes included.
● Waterbottle included.
● Bring dry clothing with you.
● Bring good sense of humor.
● Obey the tour guide when riding.
● Do NOT ride dangerously.
● Ask the tour guide to stop when making
● Flip flops are ok, but proper shoes are
better to ride.
● This is a fun tour. Relax and enjoy

Booking in advance required:
971 33 92 64

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