Eric, tour guide, tests the Kreidler Dice 1.0 electric mountainbike

eric fotografia en kreidler 2

First I want to explain that mountain biking has already been a passion of mine  for more than 10 years. For me life is better on a bike and I do everything with my full suspension Orbea Oiz.

And now I had the opportunity to do a test to the Dice 1.0 from Kreidler. So let me tell you how it went for me.

The first 15 km I didn’t use the motor because I wanted to feel the bike as it is. But at one point I thought „let’s try this strong machine“.

It felt like it was too easy, but it gave me a very good feeling.

My conclusion in numbers:

  • Weight: 7/10
  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Hard tail: 6/10
  • Frame:9/10
  • Battery: 9/10
  • Brakes:6/10

During my trip I passed by a staircase in San Lorenzo, and I decides to go up to the steps, a difficult task with a normal mountain bike and another test to the vehicle.

It was unbelievable, ascending the steps was really easy and I could practice my technical skills.

eric sube las escaleras

This summer I did some nice tours with friends and clients riding this Dice 1.0. Ibiza is quite hilly and it really helps people to use an e-bike to enjoy the ride.

On my way home, with the sunlight fading, I realized that riding electric bikes could be the best motivation for people to make a change since the effort is much less, and the fun is assured.

atardece en San lorenzo con Kreidler5

I give the bike a high score and I recommend it to friends, family and clients.

Now at Kandani to try. Come and enjoy a nice tour on a e-mountain bike.

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