Kandani on Alemania TV

We present the great work being done By Jose Gayarre in Germany with his digital magazine Destino Alemania. All the information you need to find work, to regularize your situation, rent an apartment, and much much more advice about living in Germany, a very different country than Spain although we are all Europeans.

I told him about the program we were going to do with Klever Mobility and Kandani on Ibiza and he didn´t think twice, called Samuel Girona, brought the camera, and off we went to shoot with Bastian Petri, technical director of Klever Mobility. We went to Schloßpark Lerbach, a lovely peaceful place but a cold, cold, cold day.

Jose Gayarre works as a journalist in the DW, news channel funded by the German government, and spends much of his time organizing the BOB’s, annual blogs´competition featuring the best blogs in activism, podcast, multimedia and technology among others.

Want to live in Germany? Visit Destino Alemania and you´ll find answers to most of your questions. Do you need more information? Send a message to Jose Gayarre and he´ll guide your search. He helped me a lot when I arrived to Cologne.

Soon we await his visit here in Ibiza. Perhaps in late summer.

Jose thanks for all the help

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