Model S25 from Klever Mobility. Facts after the summer.

andres en camino atzaró con s25 Kopie

The obvious: I like pedal-assist bicycles, known also as pedelecs, electric bikes or e-bikes. It is also a way of life.

You could say that I am not totally impartial in my articles cheering the virtues of this vehicles.

To end this dilemma, I write some data and conclusions to be drawn. I hope that anyone reading this text will/can help me to complete both, negative and positive data with their comments.

Km traveled: I made an average of 40 km each day. I started to use the bike in April … let´s see my math … 180 days X 40 km = 7,200 km !!!! . I consider it a fairly high value.

Gasoline saved: take as an example for measuring consumption an average utility car like the Renault Twingo, 6.2 liters per 100 km.
7,200 / 100 X 6.2 = 446.4 liters. A total of approximately 558 euros.

Calories expended: it is more difficult to calculate. In normal bike 1,600 kcal are spent in 2 hours if we maintain a rate of 25 km / h. On an e-bike will translate into 600 to 1,000 kcal. Every day !!! 100,000 to 150,000 kcal throughout the summer.

This is not a trivial thing, because driving a car for two hours only makes 32 kcal. Driving a car is certainly not a good way to stay fit.

Saved time: Tendentious question? In a city, the time savings are considerable. Several tests speaks for itself, as this one in Vigo. In the table below I show a study with general data concerning time reduction ridding an e-bike.
You can notice that a utility may be faster going from town to town, but depending on traffic, in 15 km the differences is not very bulky.

Reduce times on a typical 15 km trip

Emissions / pollutants?: No thanks: 150 g / km x 7,000 km = 1,050,000 unissued gr. That is, a ton folks !!!!!.

Moreover I had a lot of fun. The tranquility of the Ibiza countryside, even in summer, is a natural experience.

Thas it, it is more natural to get around Ibiza on bike. In the evenings ridding back home, the moon in its different phases, the stars, the noise of the forest, the sea breeze, the smell tcoming from thyme, rosemary …

Even the midday heat is not an issue on an electric bike.

I have ridden many km this summer, and the design of the bike is something I should talk. about

The set is very stable and comfortable despite its sporting position. And although not an absolute data, I throw an empirical fact: I feel very safe and comfortable in both, city and road driving.

If I give a negative point: its total weight of 27 kg.

Its price new is 3,199 euros.

Now Kandani is reforming its fleet and sells the models used this year for 1,680 euros. You can have this model S25 at half the price.

You can test it without commitment at Kandani rental station.

Thanks Ibiza for such an intense summer. Thank you Kandani and Klever Mobility.

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