Ramón Martinez, trainer, speaks about electric bikes and training.

Ramón breathes sport from every pore.

Trainer and physically trained, I have prepared a long tour of about 30 km on light traffic roads with some short but steep slopes. We used the models B25 and S25 from Klever Mobility.

He starts testing the bike before departure and he comes back amazed. We left slowly and headed to the Atzaró area. From there we headed towards Es Figueral, and the rate starts increasing pushing the bike engine to the limit.

We’ve known each other for some time now, well, about 20 years when he was still a kid, and the conversation varies from sport to strictly personal. Ramon wants to raise the pace even though the motor of an electric bicycle stops helping at 25 km / h. However it seems he has more „juice“ from the motor. Indeed we are together on the plains sections, but on slopes he easily escapes from my grasp.


Because on slopes, he can use a smaller speed and thus make more meters with one of his strong pedal kicks.

We were talking about training, outdoor, rehabilitation, use of muscle strength, diet. And along the way I had the impression he like to roll with this bike,. After 31 kilometers he has spent more than 1,800 calories.

molino es figueral 2

Ramón was riding so fast, I had time only to take this nice picture near Es Figueral

It’s time for questions:

Q. Each one of us has an idea about what is exercise. For some it means running 10 kilometers every day to a high rate, for other just to go shopping on foot. What is «exercise» in terms of a physical trainer and what is needed?

A. Exercise is a basic thing, to be agile in our daily lives and especially for the mind, and is essential when you set yourself a target, building muscle mass, weight loss, etc. harden your level or preparing a 10km run, half marathon, marathon, triathlon etc …

Q. What is the difference between keeping fit and training?

A. They go hand to hand, to stay fit you have to train if you train keep yourself fit.

Q. You have you tried the bike for only 31 kilometers, but perhaps enough to answer this question. Ramón tell us the truth, could you do a training program or maintenance of fitness in this type of bike?

A. Yes, but it should be combined with other things, bodybuilding, pilates etc …

Q. The electric bikes are widely used to leave the car at home and go to work. Is it possible to stay fit only using the bike to go to work? Or … what cardiovascular rate should be achieved?

A. No, longer rides are needed

Q. Has it been fun for you touring with an e-bike? If so, is this a positive factor in training, or to maintain the shape one must suffer?

A. Yes, it is a positive factor for training, but there are times that to maintain the shape you have to suffer and work with high pulse rates.

Q. It seems that diet is important for the proper efficiency of the workouts. Could make three essential recommendations to follow?

A. Meat, fish, plenty of fruit and some carbohydrates that is what we will use to get energy when we want to make longere and harder efforts.

Q. You do Crosstraining and endurance work. Also you teach how to build muscle strength. Where can we find you and what other training / activities you do?

A. Contact my mobile 679445814 or via Facebook Ramon Martinez Catalan. Training pilates, spinning, Body Pump, Step, Body Combat, Aquagym and any objective that the client wants to reach.

Questions about the island:

Q. A place to eat well before a nap.

A. Cas Pagés.

Q. One of your favorite beaches?

A. Aguas Blancas

Q. In Ibiza there are many nightclubs. Dancing is exercise, but if sleep is lost, is counterproductive?

A. LOL, yes, exercise burns calories, and in moderation is no problem, but sport and partying does not go hand in hand.

Q. You also do cycling. What is your favorite route?

A. Salinas. it’s a paradise.

Q. Last question, a bit humorous, but important.

Exam question. Adult age 50. Knees working badly due to playing volleyball a lifetime. No training a week, well, nor a month, or a year from already five years ago. Running is out of question because knees hurt. Riding an electric bike could help rehabilitate him, or should the old fart throw himself off a cliff?

A. haha, depends on what the problem in the knee is, but yes, although he should combine riding with some specific work for the lower body and flexibility work.

Thanks Ramon for your answers. Surely many people will appreciate your views.

A big hug. We hope to see you soon.

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