Reggae and electric bikes. Two super powers at the same rhythm.


One of the interesting things to do in Ibiza is to attend a live concert listening and dance. Not all are deejay’s and electronic music in Ibiza.

Malaka Youth, a group of young people coming from Malaga were in Ibiza on tour and we decided to interview them and feel their experiences on the island.

The electric bike ride with Klever Mobility models was epic.

Question.- You come from Malaga, in southern Andalusia. Why not Reggae, Flamenco or flamenco fusion?

Answer.- We respond with another question. And why not ? It was the music that conquered our ears and hearts and that has led us first, to imitate and then to create our own style. Moreover reggae is a style that brings positiveness and good values. Once you start with reggae there is no turning back.

Q. You have a song called Soldados de la Música (Music Soldiers) that gave me goosebumps Making music is a war, is there a war against music, can the music stop wars?

A. I do not think music in itself can stop a war, as there are interest in conflicts that obviously are not musical, but mostly economic. But what you can give is another approach, another point of view and to show people that the wars are a mistake. Music has the power to educate and inculcate values, which is what it takes to not start wars in the first place. And for a music to influence you, the first thing is to want to listen to it.

Q. Maybe I repeat this question. Reggae has always protested and suggested since the 60s. That were different times. What is your message today?

A. Our message does not have to be one and unique. Through music we express what we feel and emphasize aspects of life that we think are good or bad. So far our message has been mostly positive and about social union with togetherness with nature and the belief that it was necessary. It is how we feel when writing and want to create that trend in whoever hear us. Maybe when time goes by, or we feel and see other needs, I don´t know, but it is clear that music is our means of expression and dissemination of an idea.

Q. What is the first, the letter, ie, the message or the music?

A. It depends, we have made it in every possible way. Although usually is the music that inspires a story with the feelings received by the chords, there are also times that we had a clear idea or wanted to send a message and the music followed after the lyrics.

Q. Are there other genres that you like? D you play other genres?

A. Of course, but independently from Malaka Youth. Music is music and not because it is not called reggae one must stop hearing it. Although reggae is what fills us everyone of us has his own taste and has heard and hears other styles.

Q. You have a lot of energy on stage. You dance and jump and make people sing with you. The musicians seem to never get tired. Are you athletes? Do you move around on a bike?

A. The truth is that we combine making and playing music with studies and other work, and does not leave us much time during the week, so we have not a serious sport routine, even if we are and we have been very athletic people (volleyball, mountain biking, skateboarding, athletics, football, surf, bodyboard ….) We like sports.

Q. Get wet a little. Malaga has a hellish traffic in summer. As in Ibiza. Any message to politicians and advisors you want to send?

A. As in all big cities traffic is a big problem in Malaga. We must encourage other form of transportation as it can be the public transport or other ecological ways. The bicycle would be a perfect solution and if electrically powered much more fun (laughs).

Q. You have tried the electric bikes from Klever Mobility. A short review about the experience. And … Would you like to have one to move around Málaga?

A. No words. They are a blast !! We have never tried anything like that, they are fun, comfortable, environmentally friendly and easy to handle. Of course we´ll love to have some in Malaga.

Q. In the short time that you were on Ibiza … What did you like the most?

A. We have not had much time to travel around the island, but the temperature, beaches, landscapes … Ibiza has something magical and hard to describe.

Q. On Wednesday you played in Es Canar Hippy Market. A landmark on the island. On Sunday in Las Dalias another place that defines the island as alternative, peaceful and plural. Do you take with you new inspirations from the island?

A. A lot, yes. So much so that we made two videos of songs in acoustic by the sea shore that are pure inspiration. That and all the beautiful moments and experiences lived during a week together on Ibiza … something good will come out!

Q. Finally. Would you like to salute the island and its inhabitants?

A. We would like to greet them but in person and soon! Ajaja. We left the island wanting more and hope to return soon with more and better music. It has been a pleasure.

Thanks for your music Malaka Youth

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