San Carlos Music Festival. Music and Light

A lot of good, wait, real good musicians live on the island, they collaborate, and make our lives happier. Some work separately others make bands, and all organize the San Carlos Music Festival.
This coming Sunday, June 21 st.

In the organizers´ words: «Live music throughout the day in 5 stages distributed through the town of San Carlos, more than 150 artists from around the world, workshops and activities for children, jugglers, clowns, storytelling, performances, visual projections, artisans and samples of local products.

The main idea of ​​the Music Day is to promote local music groups offering public spaces to show their art, free outdoor festival that fills the town streets with color, music and joy. »
The program is extensive. More than 150 bands will play for 10 hours straight in San Carlos.

Kandani will participate in this nonprofit festival providing two electric bicycles from Klever Mobility, given to the members of the organization hoping to help them move in and out of the festival with more effectiveness and efficiency, as large amount of people is expected

Important Notice: The traffic will be cut around the village of San Carlos and parking will be a nightmare and only in areas designated by the local police on the outskirts of the village. And when I say outside, I mean outside.

What better to rent a bike and visit the festival without worrying about waiting in traffic jams, look for parking or walk several hundred meters before reaching the stage?



We´ll be reporting live in our facebook account the activities that are taking place.

Bicycles must be parked where authorities say. We ask all cyclist to obey, drive safely and prevent accidents.

Our group is open to traffic reports and so help others who come after us to know the situation.

Donations are very welcome either to pay something to the musicians and/or especially directed to the people of Nepal, recently punished by an earthquake that skewed many lives and caused great pain in many families.



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