EU Transport Ministers sign a declaration on cycling as a “climate friendly” transport mode

François Bausch, ministre du Développement durable et des Infrastructures (Luxembourg) ;

François Bausch, ministre du Développement durable et des Infrastructures (Luxembourg) ;

In their declaration, the participants agreed on several concrete recommendations:

  • Integrate bicycles into the multimodal transport policy;
  • Encourage the Commission to equip itself with a «bicycle strategy», by integrating bicycles into existing initiatives in which they have a logical role to play, such as CIVITAS or Smart Cities and Communities.
  • Set up a body within the Commission which is in charge of the implementation of the «bicycle strategy» as well as the simple and effective transfer of good practices in this field between Member States;
  • Appoint a national body in each Member State which could collect and disseminate examples of good practices between Member States and cooperate with the European body and other existing forums;
  • Guarantee that national infrastructure projects take account of and increase international, national, regional and local cycle networks;
  • Include cycling in local and regional urban projects;
  • Mobilise good practices, financing opportunities and guidelines by working closely with the European body.

For Commissioner Bulc, it is an «important basis» on which Member States will be able to cooperate and the Commission will follow its development very closely. «From now on, bicycles are an official method of transport», she declared.

«It is a very good paper, but it will be important to follow-up the declaration, especially during the informal meeting of transport ministers on ‘smart cities’, which will be held in April 2016 under the authority of the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union», concluded François Bausch, Luxembour Minister of Transport.

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BTT con una eléctrica. Mi experiencia de principiante con la Dice 1.0


La Dice 1.0 eléctrica de montaña de Kreidler es para todos. Los menos preparados disfrutarán de un agradable paseo inmersos en la naturaleza y los más jóvenes quizás podrán encontrar otros límites al llevar esta bicicleta eléctrica con motor.

Si, la Dice 1.0 me llevó en volandas como esperaba, e hizo los recorridos menos exigentes físicamente, por lo que pude hacer muchos kilómetros. He descubierto la razón por la que a muchos les gusta tanto hacer BTT.

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Eric, tour guide, tests the Kreidler Dice 1.0 electric mountainbike

eric fotografia en kreidler 2

First I want to explain that mountain biking has already been a passion of mine  for more than 10 years. For me life is better on a bike and I do everything with my full suspension Orbea Oiz.

And now I had the opportunity to do a test to the Dice 1.0 from Kreidler. So let me tell you how it went for me.

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Our tour guide Henryck tests the new e-MTB Kreidler Dice 1.0



Henryk (guia bicicletero en Kandani)

Optically like a normal MTB. A design success.
Just get on top of it and start pedaling. Easier is impossible. A good reaction and good ergonomics can be felt immediately. There are 5 different levels of support coming from the engine. Display clear and easy to use.

The first mountain try, a 23% slope approaches and with the higher level, «turbo», I am about to go up, and then the engine impresses me pushing me to the top of the mountain with ease.
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