With Summer and Jay in Las Dalias


Summer and Jay with Hugo at Las Dalias

They rented two city bikes and I met them in Las Dalias Hippy Market the next day before lunch.
The market is full of sensations. Thousands of colors fill the place. Smiles are freely used. Music sounds in the air bringing accents from far away countries.
Local products, handmade articles, beautiful imported goods from all over the world, great food and tons of sympathy can be found easily in Las Dalias.

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Route 7. A stroll around Santa Eulalias´countryside

To discover spectacular mountain views in Ibiza can only be done by riding a mountain bike.
For those who want to enjoy a less strenuous activity I propose a stroll in the countryside walking, horseback riding, with a bike or an e-bike.
I recently took a trip following Route 7, traveling the country side around Santa Eulalia. A blessing experience.
It is quiet, almost flat and easy to do. It runs through back and narrow asphalt roads with very little traffic, red fields and whitewashed houses and forest areas.

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Ruta 7 Santa Eulalia. EL placer de observar.

Uno de los placeres de estar un tiempo en Ibiza es pasear un día soleado por el campo, andando, a caballo, en bicicleta o en e-bike.

Se que descubrir los espectaculares sitios de montaña en Ibiza solo se puede hacer montándose en una bicicleta de montaña y meterse por todas esas rutas que propone Kandani en sus recorridos.

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