With Summer and Jay in Las Dalias


Summer and Jay with Hugo at Las Dalias

They rented two city bikes and I met them in Las Dalias Hippy Market the next day before lunch.
The market is full of sensations. Thousands of colors fill the place. Smiles are freely used. Music sounds in the air bringing accents from far away countries.
Local products, handmade articles, beautiful imported goods from all over the world, great food and tons of sympathy can be found easily in Las Dalias.

Sonrisa constante en el mercado.

Sonrisa constante en el mercado. Anto y su tienda handmade.


Azibi tocando en vivo

I had a nice experience strolling around the market, introducing Summer and Jay to some of my friends and talking to them over their trip and their country South Korea.
After having some delicious tapas at the restaurant I decided to send an email with this small  interview:

.- Happiness level after you visited Ibiza from 1 to 10. (10 is max)
.- You rented a bike a couple of days. What was your impression about the traffic?
Polite and not aggressive car drivers. 
.- Will you recommend other travelers to visit the island in April?
.- Sunset or Sunrise? and where?
Sunset from Santa Eulalia promenade. Sunrise everywhere!
.- You used or city bikes. Did you have any problems with them?
.- Any local restaurant you will recommend?
Hippy market restaurant. Chiang Mai Thai restaurant Santa Eulalia. 
.- Last but not least. Will you recommend Kandani to other friends and visitors?

We at Kandani wish you the best to Summer and Jay. More happy people using a bike to move around visiting Ibiza.

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