Rent and sale of bikes in Ibiza.
Bike rental terms
  • DEPOSIT: the lessee (CLIENT) must leave a 50 Eur deposit by credit card. Deposit will be returned to the bank of the lessee at the eighth day counting from first day contract. The refund time is determined by CLIENT'S card issuer and KANDANI has no influence on this.
  • The lessee is solely responsible for all damages caused to bicycle and extras that he has requested from the lessor. Kandani doesn't offer coverage in the event of theft, the responsibility for theft belongs exclusively to client who accept the bike rental agreement conditions. In case of theft, the value of the bicycle must be paid at the current market price. In case of damage, the client must pay the cost of the repair.
  • In case of failure of bicycle (s) the lessee should contact Kandani Bikes to give notice.  It's not allowed to leave Ibiza island with the bicycle(s) (even to Formentera)
  • The customer must check and test the delivered material. Once delivered the bicycle / s Kandani Bicycles does not accept any responsibility in case the client suffers material or physical damages or causes them to third parties as a result of a traffic accident or derived from a manipulation of the bicycle/s not performed by Kandani employees.
  • The use of the bicycle(s) in sports events is not allowed (races or triathlons). It's forbidden to use the bicycle for purposes other than those admitted according to its design, as well as its use on sand or salt water. If the lessor should surprise the lessee by misusing the rental bike, he will be entitled to remove the bicycle and complete the rental contract without offering any compensation to the lessee for it.
  • The refund of the prepaid quantity will be made if the cancellation occurs before 48 hours prior to the start of the rental agreement. Cancellations less than 48 hours will NOT be refunded. In case of early return of the bicycle, the unused part of the contract will not be reimbursed economically. Any change or variation in the reservation must be notified, in writing, to
  • For logistical reasons you can receive a bicycle different from the one of the announced photo, but always maintaining or improving the characteristics of the bicycle. Home service requires advance payment of the total amount of the reservation.